Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Memories, #1

This is me (wow, that's a short dress!) and my Aunt Kennie Jo wearing an Indian headdress and Pilgrim hat I made in school.  It appears we're doing some kind of Indian pow wow dance....probably in honor of our Cherokee ancestors - ha!  You're a good sport, Aunt KJ :)


Jen said...

Woo woo, nice legs! Nate's gramma- what were you thinking letting your sweet little daughter show so much leg at such a young age?!?

I love your homemade headdress:)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I remember it well! You were too shy to do your Thanksgiving song and dance for the family so Aunt Kennie Jo volunteered to accompany you...that Aunt Kennie Jo always was a "show stopper"!!! Dress length was the style for little girls then - what about that bow at the neck! Ah what memories. Nate's Gramma