Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Makes You Tick

This list has been going around the Blogsphere.  I finally completed mine.  Try it yourself -- and post your answers in a comment :)

Making : chocolate chip and walnut cookies
Cooking : uh, what's cooking??

Drinking : non-fat milk (with the cookies, natch!)

Reading: The Wilderness Warrior (biography of Teddy Rosevelt)

Wanting: a collection of cool belts for the fall/winter
Looking: at the Boden catalog (LOVE it!)

Playing: Phase 10 this weekend (I hope!)

Wasting: time, time, time

Sewing: Nate's Halloween costume

Wishing: I could find a spare 20 mins. to wash my car
Enjoying: Campfire Radio on iTunes
Waiting: for Nate to say Mommy
Liking: my longer hair
Wondering: why I signed up for the Photo Directory Committee at church
Loving: that I've reconnected with a couple old friends

Hoping: our Thanksgiving dinner will be fun and delish
Marvelling: at how many babies were at Target at 8:30pm
Needing: it to stay light outside at 8pm so I can work in the yard
Smelling: coriander & olive kitchen fragrance
Wearing: work clothes

Following: too many blogs
Noticing: poor Lee's coughing -- hello Autumn allergies!
Knowing: if I don't get a flu shot, my mom won't stop badgering me
Thinking: about Patrick Swayze -- glad he's pain-free now
Bookmarking: free purse tutorials
Opening: old photo albums
Giggling: at the sock baby (inside joke)
Feeling: overwhelmed

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