Friday, September 4, 2009

Nate, in a nutshell

A brief update on Nate - age 13 months:

Says the words "book," "box" (short for jukebox), and "light."

Since he started drinking whole milk a month ago, he's gotten fat very chubby.

Not walking on his own yet.  Any day now...

Loves to look at his books by himself in his room.

Really into music.

Wants to eat a leaf REALLY badly.

Almost has 4 teeth.  There may be more but he won't share with us...sniff.

Beware when he kisses you.  He bites down on your lips.  Those tiny teeth are SHARP.

Waved "hi" for a month and has now stopped.

No longer makes the chipmunk laugh...sniff again.


Jennifer said...

chubby is means he's healthy!

Jen said...

No more chipmunk laugh???...I didn't get to hear it enough :(

Nice update, Nate sounds like he's doing great! So I guess poor Avery doesn't stand a chance when she starts drinking whole milk. Is there a "husky" section in the girls department?

Jeff and Mindy said...

Awwww! I can't wait to hear him talk!!!