Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa

Our day began on the later side....7:15am. Nate was kind enough to let us sleep in on a Saturday morning. Before I got up, I had a dream that this family was moving into the vacant house up the street from us:

In my dream, I was excited that Sarah Jessica and I were going to start a Moms Club together. Lee was excited to be living close to Ferris Bueller.

Lee fed Nate his breakfast while I cleaned the bathroom, watered the lawn, and baked cookies. Phew! I was lucky and caught on film Nate making this face:

It reminds me of this scene from this movie, especially the guy on the right:

Anyway, after breakfast, I went to the market. Then Lee and Nate went to the mall so I could clean the house thoroughly and in peace (we're having friends over tomorrow).

After lunch, we took a break and ate cherries and watched some of this while Nate napped:

Love that movie. Kevin's so good in it. Why don't they make movies like this anymore??

When Nate woke up, we walked up the street to 7-11 because, well, (1) today is 7-11 and (2) it's crazy hot and we wanted to refresh ourselves with one of these:

It was nice and cold but SUPER sweet. Still, we were refreshed.

Tonight we're having this Trader Joe's feast:

and will probably watch the rest of the movie mentioned above. That's our day! :) Hello Summer heat!

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