Friday, May 8, 2009

Did Grandpa know about this crush?

I was sitting in my kitchen the other night, waiting for my banana bread to finish baking, and I looked through my recipe box to kill some time.  There's a bunch of recipes I salvaged from my grandma's stuff when we cleaned out the house last year.  The name of this one tickled me so I kept it -- I wonder how old it is?  It also sounds REALLY yummy and refreshing on a stinkin' hot day like today (seriously, this is MAY???). 


Anonymous said...

I can just hear your Grandpa now as we sit down for dessert: "Ya know, this is the next best thing to Robert Redford!" When we look at him funny, he grins and says "No, it really is, ..... Joy, show them the recipe."

It sounds yummy. Let me know when you try it.

Nate's Gramma

Anonymous said...

It really is yummy. I used to make it for our oscar party. A few years ago the LA Times printed an updated version because packaging has changed--pudding doesn't come in 6 3/4 oz. anymore and whipped topping is 8 oz., not 9--but it still works.When they reprinted they suggested calling it The next best thing to Brad Pitt....?