Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cookin' the Weekend

This weekend's highlight was watching Burbank on Parade two blocks from our house.  This parade is a Burbank tradition going back to WWII.  It has a very small town feel to it -- float sponsors included the local senior citizen center, realty offices, and the karate place up the street. Parade "celebrity" participants included Ronald McDonald, Bugs Bunny, and Santa Claus (see I wasn't kidding about the "small town" thing).  I loved the marching bands.  There were lots of free handouts from people in the parade to people sitting along the street - stuff like bottles of water, food, stickers, etc.  I thought we were on a prime corner for some free goodies but no. Then, at the last minute, a young guy on a scooter, came up to Lee and said "here you go, mister" as he handed him 3-4 postcards that said:

Lee wasn't too happy with his stack of Dr. Wall postcards but, hey, now we can't say we didn't get anything at the parade.

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Jen said...

Dear Lee,

Please don't be embarrassed by your toe fungus- it's a problem a lot of men have. But thanks for the warning. I'll be sure to keep my shoes on if I see you going barefoot.