Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rest in Peace Bob

Yesterday I discovered that the Bob's in Glendale (Glenoaks Blvd.) is closed.  What a surprise.  I ate there countless times, especially during my high school days.  In fact, I think I ate there in my pjs one morning as part of my drill team initiation.  And during my junior year, somebody "borrow" Bob and he was dressed up like Santa and sat in the school quad for a day before the admin. returned him.  In 2006 Mom, Eric, and I had a run-in with a rude Bob's waitress that probably would have scared off most people.  But not us -- we kept going back to Bob's (suckers!).  So my last Bob's meal was with Mom and a tiny Nate asleep in his carseat on the table when he was 3-4 mos. old.  Goodbye Glendale Bob's.  I'll miss you.  Now I'll have to patronize the Toluca Lake Bob's....won't be the same. 

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Jeff and Mindy said...

This makes me so sad!!!